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Best Practices

Utilize proven and successful file management software functions and practices that have been proven by customers and continually enhanced since 2006.


Software, bar coding, RFID and security technologies blend for optimized file tracking and security solutions.


Meet requirements with best practices and technology, then innovate through customer-vendor collaboration.

Robust and Mature File Tracking System

FileTrakz software enables touch, keyboard, mouse and bar code file tracking functions. RFID technology enables real-time file tracking through the deployment of RFID antennas around a facility, and/or through file inventories with a mobile scanner. FileTrakz is customized for each client based on the features and functions proven by our prior clients from 2006 to today.

35+ Years
Of Experiences

When selecting a company to work with strategically, look to a company with a proven track record, impressive references, advanced technologies and continually evolving capabilities. Choose a company that is customer-driven, dedicated to excellence and never stops advancing customer-designed solutions till expectations have been met and exceeded. Team with ApogeeIoT for successful and timely file management and file tracking solutions.

1000+ Clients

ApogeeIot’s staff have implemented solutions in over 20 countries. We have a proven track record successfully designing and implementing file tracking management solutions for a wide array of document and records management applications.

Cost Effective

Customers face constraints when investing in software and technology. We understand! FileTrakz is priced to meet any budget, and, improved staff productivity results in an immediate return-on-investment. Gartner Group states that a typical office worker loses around 4-weeks productivity annually due to delays in accessing needed files. Recover staff time and improve customer service with FileTrakz!

800 Managers

The Institute of Certified Records Managers has certified Apogee IoT staff multiple times as among the world’s best records management expertise. Leverage our year’s of experience and records management expertise to ensure file management excellence for your organization!

Easy to Use

For a project to be successful, and for computerized technology solutions to be successful, software and technology has to be easy-to-learn and easy-to-use. all too often, organizations invest in software with high expectations, only to find that the solutions implemented are only used to a fraction of their capabilities and that underlying problems persist. FileTrakz is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, and really solves problems!

Industries and Applications

Local, county, state, federal and related government entities create significant numbers of file folder records related to business affairs, personnel, legal matters, procurement, contracts and for other purposes. Correspondence frequently travels among government entities and must be evaluated as to required responses and response fulfilment. The status of records must be updated and files archived when no longer active status. FileTrakz delivers comprehensive records management functionality and ensures quick access to files for productivity and customer service improvement.
Businesses maintain file folder records for diverse purposes, such as customers, procurement, contracts, personnel, job jackets, assets, production records, benefits administration and many other file types. Businesses are under extreme pressure to increase productivity and reduce pricing while providing quality customer service and meeting government compliance regulations. FileTrakz assists businesses with comprehensive records management functionality, reducing costs, increasing profits, improving customer service, and compliance with regulatory mandates.
Banks, investment firms, accountants and similar organizations maintain file folder records housing customer information and critical legal documents related to loans and other financial vehicles. Though many document-types can be digitized and maintained as electronic archives, key signature documents must also be maintained in original document format. It is imperative that financial organizations have well-organized files and can validate loans and other financial transactions with corresponding documents, particularly key collateral documents. FileTrakz enables financial organizations to optimize the efficiency of processing incoming documents and maintaining centralized systems for maximized productivity.
Law firms, courts, district attorneys and prosecutors are facing growing caseloads and voluminous paperwork that resides in legal files. File folder records must be available to the courts during the hearing of cases, and the information in the files is highly confidential. Law firms continue to represent new clients and additional legal matters for their clients. FileTrakz integrates with case management systems for ingestion of new records and can export data, such as file locations, to case management systems. FileTrakz provides legal organizations with records management software and RFID tracking technologies to increase staff productivity through quick access to files.
Hospitals, medical clinics, dental clinics, government heal care facilities, life sciences & pharmaceutical entities accumulate files related to patient care, research, personal and business matters. File folders accumulate private patient documentation and basic research data that is highly sensitive…and
valuable. Health care organizations require rapid and dependable access to files to provide quality medical care and to protect scientific data. FileTrakz assists in meeting HIPAA requirements and helps ensure that patient and scientific files are rapidly accessible and protected from unauthorized removal from premises.
The insurance industry is growing rapidly as populations increase and as people and businesses insure the many aspects of life and business that require insurance to protect against risk. Policy files include sensitive data about policy holders, their private information and their insurance polices. And as insurance policies grow, so do insurance claims. FileTrakz provides computerized records management to control policy and claim files, and other business records, and RFID technology to track file locations and to find needed files on-demand.
Police Departments create significant amounts of documents for incident reports, arrest records, tickets and similar types of criminal and investigative documentation. For police departments, sound records management systems personal not only critical for productivity purposes, the documents often relate to criminal matters that impact life, liberty and public safety. FileTrakz provides a centralized database of all record types and utilizes RFID technology to locate and find files for internal workflow and availability to the courts. FileTrakz also manages file retention scheduling, based on ‘case type’ and legal governing retention rules.
School systems, colleges and universities accumulate documents related to each student as well as records related to the administration of the educational institutions. Students often move among different school districts, meaning that schools must have dependable access to transcripts, health records and other student data for copying and transferring to families, other schools and institutions. Universities and colleges receive a significant number of admission applications. School, college and universities often maintain health care records as well. FileTrakz keeps track of student files and administrative files, and ensures that student records can be accessed as needed and shared with appropriate stakeholders.

FileTrakz Software

FileTrakz is mature, robust software that is easy-to-learn and easy-to-use, for full life-cycle records management from creation through usage through retention to final disposition. FileTrakz supports bar coding, RFID (radio wave technology) and security devices for file tracking and to prevent unauthorized file movements or removals.

FileTrakz is to enable staff to rapidly access files ‘right when needed’

FileTrakz supports parent-child relationships, such as ‘records in a box’ or ‘documents within a folder’. FileTrakz also supports a ‘site’ structure to create ‘data silos’ based on physical sites, record types and/or User authentications. FileTrakz can be configured to support essentially any language.
  • commercial-off-the-shelf-software (COTS)
  • over 35 years of records management experience
  • develop new features for customers as required
  • latest technology and easy to use


Representative Projects and Customers

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