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Who Are We?

Apogee IoT develops enterprise-class database management software utilizing modern programming languages and develops mobile computing applications for phones, scanners and tablets utilizing Android and iOS. FileTrakz is integrated with a wide range of identification and tracking technologies for object and people tracking solutions. Apogee IoT’s primary competencies include file, asset, tool, book, artifact, weapon and police evidence tracking solutions, and we have delivered a broad array of solutions for different industry and government applications.

Apogee IoT’s flagship product is FileTrakz, a COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf) software that is optimized for records management, based on our CEO’s 35 years of experience in records management and having led the development of prior, successful computerized file tracking software solutions. Apogee IoT brings certified records management staff and extensive expertise gained through collaboration with 1,000’s of clients since 1983. FileTrakz is configurable for each customer based on their exacting data, workflow, tracking, security and reporting requirements. FileTrakz solutions leverage radio wave and bar code tracking technologies to manage file locations, and multiple security options for customers needing to prevent the unauthorized access or movement of files

For each new project, Apogee IoT and customer staff collaborate to design FileTrakz to provide optimal performance for the customer’s exacting needs and operational ‘best practices’. Because customer’s fully participate in the software’s design, the solution best meets requirements and is ‘easy to learn’ and ‘easy to use’. Apogee IoT provides turn-key projects including requirements analysis, software configuration, hardware, labels, implementation, training and ongoing support.


Be what we say we are.  Do what we say that we will do.  Meet and exceed customer expectations.  Always be customer-driven.


Customer and vendor working together, to do the best that can be achieved.


It’s always about doing the best for the customer and the application and producing best results


Business is ultimately individuals working together.


Be committed to our customers and go the extra mile to invest our time and resources to optimize each project for every customer.

Why Apogee IoT?


When selecting a company to do business with, look to a proven track record, impressive references, advanced technologies, years of experience and constantly evolving capabilities, framed by a company dedicated to doing business with integrity, competence, commitment and results meeting and exceeding expectations. This criteria brings Apogee IoT and the FileTrakz solution to the top of the list for file tracking and location systems.

Apogee IoT employs one of approximately 800 worldwide ‘Certified Records Manager’ (www.icrm.org), with over 35 years experience designing filing systems, records management solutions, file indexing and file tracking systems. Apogee’s software development team includes eight (8) staff each bringing unique and advanced skill sets to FileTrakz software and to customer engagements. Apogee IoT’s blend of technology and traditional records management principles helps optimize solution development resulting in systems-that-perform.

FileTrakz is, a single code-base that is configured for each new application and customer based on the customer’s exacting requirements. Each customer receives the benefits of the input of all prior customers, while being able to expand the system’s capabilities based on any new requirements. We know what it takes to start a project, and finish a project, bringing state-of-the-art software and technology, and facilitating ‘best practices’ for records management operations. We know what it takes to ensure a successful implementation and ongoing performance.