File Security Overview

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Keeping track of the locations of documents, files and archives within a facility is a significant challenge and opportunity for improvement.   However, there are many applications where there is a need for file security in addition to file location tracking.  FileTrakz currently supports:

  • Validate documents within folders and ensure that there are no misfiled documents in folders
  • Validate the documents that are within file folders at the time of file transfer from file registry
  • Validate that file Requestors are authorized to receive file folders, based on FileTrakz enrolled ‘authorized recipients’
  • Require recipients of files to sign an electronic signature pad, which validates their receipt-of-custody of file(s)
  • If file approaches file room / registry doorway, sound alarm and trigger alerts based on attempted unauthorized file(s) removal
  • Transport documents in secure file carriers that prevent access to the documents or files within the file carrier
  • Detect files leaving a facility and trigger alarms, lights, email alerts, software alerts and SMS text alerts in cases of unauthorized removal of files;
  • Reconcile RFID data to video camera data (time/date stamps) to identify persons-of-interest as to file security breaches