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There are many facets to file transfers with the use of FileTrakz and RFID technology.  A desired system result is that staff will become more accustomed to file custody and will want to ensure that FileTrakz software knows if they transferred the custody of a file to another person, and when the transferred custody of the file.

FileTrakz includes a rapid-transfer software screen that enables staff to query the database for the folder to be transferred and to choose the person’s name from a drop-down list of people and places to which files may be transferred.  It takes less than 10 seconds to transfer a file, ensuring that the FileTrakz software knows the current location of the folder transferred.  The folder transfer also creates an audit trail record of the record’s movements.

One of the most compelling motivations for implementation of RFID technology is that staff often inadequately follow mandated procedures for accessing and transferring files.  Files are pulled and move without adequate documentation of a file’s current or prior locations.  As such, when staff need a file folder, all too often it takes substantive time to find the needed folder…causing productivity loss and customer service lapses.

RFID antennas can be placed at file room / registry doorways for passive check-in and check-out.  RFID antennas can be placed along hallways, in offices or anywhere desired and/or desktop scanners can be utilized for ‘real time’ file tracking.  Each antenna or scanner is named in the database as a specific place (or person).  When a file travels through or near a scanner or antenna, the location of the file automatically updates in FileTrakz.

RFID file transfers also create audit trail records, so the entire history of a record and its movements is detailed and time/date stamped.