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FileTrakz is comprehensive records management software integrated with bar code file tracking, radio wave file tracking and security hardware to automate file tracking and to provide file security.  The primary objective of FileTrakz is to enable staff to rapidly access files ‘right when needed’, preventing lost productivity or customer service lapses.

FileTrakz supports parent-child relationships, such as ‘records in a box’ or ‘documents within a folder’.  FileTrakz also supports a ‘site’ structure to create ‘data silos’ based on physical sites, record types and/or User authentications.  FileTrakz can be configured to support essentially any language.

FileTrakz is COTS (commercial-off-the-shelf-software) that has been developed based on over 35 years of records management experience and incorporates the features and functions previously and successfully delivered for prior clients.  Apogee IoT also routinely adds new capabilities to the software and can develop new features for customers as required.  FileTrakz is configured for each customer’s exacting data, workflow, tracking, reporting and security requirements.  Because FileTrakz is developed according to customer specifications, the solution is optimized and is ‘easy to learn’ and ‘easy to use’.


Features Overview

Indexing & Labelling

A single label or multiple labels can be printed for each new record, such as a side tab label and a folder front label.

Documents / Folios

In addition to supporting for unlimited file folder types, and support for archive boxes and binders, FileTrakz supports a data view for document information.

File Requests

The primary objective of file tracking systems is to enable staff to quickly access needed files

File Transfers

There are many facets to file transfers with the use of FileTrakz and RFID technology. FileTrakz keeps tracks of custody and transfers.

Overdue Notification

FileTrakz records management software keeps track of when files were checked-out, when detected by RFID zones and when inventoried in work spaces.

Audit Trails

Any time a record is viewed, updated, transferred, status changed, a security event occurs or any other event occurs or action is taken, an audit trail record is added to the audit trail software utility.